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Pawn - Islet EP



Format: CDR 3inch
Edition: limited to 200

Pawn is the musical project of Hideki Umezawa born 1986 in Japan. His interests lie in the tiny sounds in his surroundings. Pawn takes a holistic approach to experimenting with sound, as if listening through a microscope, paying close attention to how each sound changes with his state of mind.

Beginning on Piano as a child, Hideki's works with electronics, glass harp, household items and found sounds. Culminating in light moments of wonder, hovering and timeless.

For "Islet" all tracks were made between 2007 ~ 2009, using piano, glassharp, guitar, synthesizer and field recordings. "This EP is my collected early works that express my pureness for electronica, ambient music".

Hideki has had recent releases on Dynamophone and Symbolic Interaction, with a forthcoming album out on mOAR & Dynamophone. The Islet EP will be released through Drifting Falling as a limited 3” cdr, and digital formats.

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