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Oppressed by the Line - The Cause of the Colour

Image of Oppressed by the Line - The Cause of the Colour


Released by Club AC30:

Excerpt from Angry Ape Review: "Opening with Fragmented and A Brief Moment Of Clarity, both songs share the same mathematical approach as Far Away Trains Passing By, from acclaimed producer Ulrich Schnauss. Vocals are dipped in ethereal effects and reverb echoes, while deep synth basslines shake the speakers.

The instrumentals are where Oppressed By The Line truly shines. Tracks like Even are multi-layered with rich, melodic synths and lush atmospheric sounds. Church organs begin with click beats and gentle hip hop loops, before the crescendo of shoegazing feedback and dreamy layers of guitar distortion kicks in.

Too electronica based to be embraced by indie kids, The Cause Of The Colour will instead, appeal to fans of Ulrich Schnauss, Manual and Guitar."