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Oppressed by the Line - Kiku

Image of Oppressed by the Line - Kiku


Kiku, the third release from Jon Thompson under his Oppressed by the Line moniker, was written while on holiday in Japan during July/August of 2006. The tracks were unearthed and finished during the autumn of 2008. Kiku follows on from the well recieved albums “The Cause of the Colour” on UK label Club AC30 and 2008’s “Soft Focus” (Drifting Falling).

"Mountain Mist was written after visiting Fuji and Hakone. Sunset From the 16th Floor was written while sitting on a wide window sill in Oita looking out at a beautiful sunset. Paper Cranes was written in Hiroshima. One Thousand Red Stars was written on a high floor in a hotel in Tokyo over looking the city at night. Shinkansen was written on a bullet train en route to Oita."